5 Ways to Maximise Space in Your Loft Conversion

If you have outgrown your living space but do not want to move, or are looking to add value to your property – then a loft conversion ticks many boxes. However, there is little sense in investing in your loft space if the result feels claustrophobic or cramped.

We have put this guide together to help you maximise the space in your loft conversion, with practical suggestions to give you more room, many of which are easy to implement.

1. Be mindful of furniture placement

As a general rule, you need at least 2.2m of headroom in a loft, which means you may need to get inventive with your furniture placement. Organise your furniture in a way so that low-level items, such as coffee tables, plants or ottomans can comfortably fit into areas where the roof is pitched. Other loft conversion design ideas include under-eave storage, while for conversions with lots of corners, furniture such as corner sofas or end tables can help give you more floor room.

2. Install a spiral staircase

When converting a loft space, it can be easy to underestimate how much space your stairs take up, especially if you are limited on placement. However, if it is structurally viable, consider replacing your existing staircase with a space-saving spiral one instead. You will reap the benefit both at the foot of the stairs and in the loft conversion itself.

3. Let in the light.

Dark rooms always appear smaller than they are, so remember to consider the role light plays in your loft conversion. Roof lights are a great solution, and when positioned correctly, will bring light into the centre of the room, making them ideal for pitched roofs that have limited headroom. If you have vertical sides, you can install Juliet balconies as well as windows, which all help make a loft conversion feel more spacious.

4. Change the perception

By using plenty of glass and mirrors, you can alter the perception of space and make the loft appear much more open. Take advantage of structural features and install in-built wardrobes, desks and bookcases as this will help prevent any freestanding furniture from dominating the room. Avoid clutter and use space underneath beds for storage and bedding. All the above and more will help maximise space in a loft conversion.

5. Add a mezzanine floor

Adding a mezzanine to raise the floor also provides the opportunity for further storage space and is a good solution for those with plenty of headspace but little in the way of floor room. These types of loft conversion design ideas also help dissipate light, making the room appear more spacious. The extra level will help you segregate the room and spread out your furniture more sparsely.

Final Thoughts
We hope our suggestions help you to make the most of your loft conversion. Remember that the team here at James Delamare Ltd specialise in loft conversions and are happy to answer any questions you might have.

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